The Victor J. Papanek archive consists of a diverse range of materials reflecting the work and life of Victor Papanek. The archive includes photographs, drawings, documents and objects, ranging from the 1950s to the 1990s relating to the course of Papanek’s successful career as a designer, teacher and author and is accompanied by an extensive library covering a diverse range of themes and topics. The material provides insight into Papanek’s concepts and theories, his working processes and approach to design from the perspective of social responsibility.


The Papanek library consists of over three thousand books, which cover a range of topics demonstrating Papanek’s research interests including: housing, indigenous culture, shelter, architecture, anthropology, the developing world, ecological design, Frank Lloyd Wright, erotica, fiction, poetry, nature, eastern culture, sociology, Viennese and German culture, creativity, folk art and craft.


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Personal items

Photographic prints

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Original drawings

Slides (photographs)

Magazine articles

Indigenous objects


DFRW coverDesign For The Real World by Victor Papanek, Thames & Hudson Edition