Social Design Award

Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical in the truest sense. It must dedicate itself to...maximum diversity with minimum inventory...or doing the most with the least.


These prescient words were written 40 years ago by Viennese-born designer and 
thinker Victor J. Papanek and published in his influential book Design for the Real World. While many have been inspired by Papanek's plea for responsible and humane design, many more have ignored it. Yet as we face unparalleled social, economic, and environmental challenges, Papanek's words are more timely and urgent than ever.



is an international design competition that solicits entries from established, emerging, and student designers of projects that uphold Papanek’s vision of environmental and/or social responsibility.


Papanek Social Design Award 2011

Social Design Award
Box21_1_3Tactile toy 'Findermajig' designed by Jorma Venola, in Design For The Real World by Victor Papanek